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Metallic eyeshadows

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

I am completely in love with my new Urban Decay ‘Heavy Metals’ palette. There are some great colours, lots of lovely earthy tones on one side, and some more colourful options on the other side, all fantastic for Metallic looks, smokey and party eyes. The palette has a perfectly incorporated sized mirror which is so handy when working on clients. The colours and textures are so easy to apply, perfectly metallic and long lasting. I cannot wait to play!!


Makeup for 50+

Friday, November 24th, 2017

Over the year I have seen hundreds of ladies in their 50’s or 60’s (and beyond), who felt suck with their makeup looks. Sometimes still doing the same look from 20 years ago (sometimes longer!). Or overwhelmed by the choice of products available at the makeup counters. Often not being sure how to adapt to their hair colour changing and skin tone. Or knowing how to do your eye makeup, as the eyeliner may now look too harsh or the eye shape may not be suitable anymore for that product etc..                                    I love helping women regaining their confidence through using products that enhance their beauty and showing them how to simply achieve it with the right application technique or tool. I have seen so many women transform in front of my eyes, looking instantly radiant again, even ‘younger looking’ by just changing a couple of things in their makeup routine. I do Makeup Lessons that are completely bespoke to the person, to teach you and help you with any makeup concerns you may have. You can visit my Makeup Lessons page for further details. It’s a great present idea too, for someone who needs a Makeover or a Boost in their life. Gift Vouchers are available too.












Tips for using Bright eyeshadows

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

One of the easiest way to wear bright colours on the eyes is to use them as a soft liner for defining the top lashline.

Using a small brush, apply your eyeshadow colour along your top lashline. The eyeshadow will give a much softer finish than a wet eyeliner and can just highlight your eyes, without the need to use colour all over the lid.

If you want a slightly stronger finish, apply eye pencil first along the top lashline. Then apply your coloured eyeshadow on top, it will make the colour more intense and stand out more. Great for achieving a stronger or evening make-up look.

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